Lesson 36: I Can Fix This!

Let's Learn English - Level 1

Anna bought the wrong foods for the dinner she and Marsha planned for some friends. They are coming in thirty minutes. What will Anna make with the unusual ingredients she bought?

Let's Learn English - Level 1 - Lesson 36: I Can Fix This!

Anna: Last time on Let’s Learn English, Marsha and I invited friends to a dinner party but I shopped with the wrong list. Guests are coming soon. Marsha is worried but I have a plan. Let’s see what it is.
Anna: I just need a couple of ingredients. Marsha, please hand me the flour.
Marsha: Anna, where is the flour? It's not in the cabinets.
Anna: I put the flour inside the refrigerator.
Marsha: Why?
Anna: It’s cold and dry in the refrigerator. See, it says: “Put in a cold, dry place.” Okay, now, Marsha, please hand me the eggs.
Marsha: Anna, where are the eggs?
Anna: The eggs are inside the cabinet under the sink.
Marsha: Anna, why are the eggs in here?
Anna: On the farm, we always put the eggs there. How else can the chickens see them? Okay. You clean the living room. I will make dinner.
Marsha: What are you going to make with these ingredients?
Anna: I have a plan.
Marsha: Okay, the apartment is clean.The kitchen is not. What are you cooking?
Anna: I made my favorite recipe:peanut-butter-banana pancakes!
Marsha:You made breakfast.
Anna: Yes! I call it let’s-eat-breakfast-for-dinner dinner!
Marsha: Anna! Mmm! Hey, this tastes good! Anna, you made it work!
Anna: That’s our guests!
Marsha: I’ll answer the door.
Anna: I’ll finish here.
Anna: Like I said, sometimes Marsha worries too much. When something goes wrong with your plan, just change the plan! Till next time!

Learning Strategies are the thoughts and actions that help make learning easier or more effective.

The learning strategy for this lesson isSubstitute. Thatmeans using one thing instead of another. In using English, if you can't think of a word, you can use a phrase that means the same thing. Let's say you cannot remember the word "huge." You can say "very, very big" instead and communicate the same meaning. Or, you can use a gesture with your arms out to your side. Gestures are another way to substitute when communicating in your second language.

In this lesson, after Anna makes pancakes for dinner, she says, "Yes! I call it let’s-eat-breakfast-for-dinner dinner!" She substitutes a breakfast food for a dinner food. Marsha agrees with Anna's substitution. She says, "Anna, you made it work!

How about you? Do you ever substitute in speaking English?

breakfast - n. the first meal of the day
cabinet - n. a piece of furniture that is used for storing things and usually has doors and shelves
dry - adj. having no or very little water or liquid
egg - n. a hard-shelled oval thing from which a young bird is born
flour - n. powder made from a grain (especially wheat) that is used in cooking for making bread or cakes
inside - p. in or into the inner part of (something or someone)
recipe - n. a set of instructions for making food
refrigerator - n. a device or room that is used to keep things (such as food and drinks) cold
sink - n. a wide bowl that has a faucet for water and a drain at the bottom and is usually positioned in a counter
taste - v. to have a particular flavor
under - p. in or to a lower place than (something)
Prepositions of location

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